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There is a saying that "dogs have masters while cats have staff". As most cat owners know, it often feels as if it is the cat that owns you, even if it is the other way around. Cats conduct themselves with a royal flair and pride. If you are looking for answers to your cat behavioral problems, Pet and Home Care can help you to better understand you cat.

Cats can be problematical housemates and that is where Pet and Home Care can help. The more you learn about the whys of cat behavior, the better you will understand your own cat. It is essential to the understanding of your cat so that its needs can be met and by doing so nurturing a happy, healthy relationship.

Your cat's "unusual" behavior may be his way of telling you that something is wrong. A cat's behavior reflects not only their general well being, but also how they relate to their environment. Sometimes cat behavior becomes unsuitable and upsetting. Before reacting with corrective actions, a call to Pet and Home Care may solve your problem. To us, a cat's actions may seem irrational, yet, to the feline mind, the action may be reasonable.

Are you having cat behavioral problems?
  • Is the cat scratching the furniture?
  • Is the cat spraying or refusing to use the litter box?
  • Introducing one cat to the household.
  • Introducing a second cat to the household.
  • Any other feline problems.
A call to Pet and Home Care can be the answer to your cat's behavioral problems. We are here to assist you in making your cat a member of your family.

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